Tools for Preparing a Pad for your New Shed Foundation

Laser level and 4-6' carpenters level - Determining grade and staying level

Mini skid-steer - Excavation and moving both soil and gravel

Dump truck - Picking up gravel to bring to site and haul away, and dumping soil material

Plate compactor - Compacting gravel and soil 

Power saw and tape measure - Cutting timbers to length and determining size of foundation

Shovel​ and pick - Fine tuning hand excavation 

Impact and screw gun - Installing structural screws and creating holes for rebar

Cut saw or grinder - Cutting rebar to required lengths 

Sledge hammer - Installing rebar stakes 

Hard rake - Leveling and smoothing gravel

Knife - Cutting geo textile fabric 

String - Determining orientation and square

Good Garages and Exteriors is your trusted storage shed site preparation specialist in Cincinnati. A local licensed and registered contractor with all the required tools for your gravel shed base located in the tristate area.