Good Garages and Exteriors

Garage Siding​

Deciding on the right siding can feel complicated

with all the different options of materials and even different profiles and types within the different material categories. Sometimes it’s already determined having to match the existing structure's exterior and having certain restrictions by HOA’s and planned developments with boards.

Being trained in and having experience in both product knowledge and installation of all the popular different types of siding allows your local contractor based in Cincinnati, “Good Garages,” to educate our customers to make the right decision.

Good Garages is recognized by VSI as a Certified Installer based on a combination of work experience and a training course, plus successful completion of an examination on proper installation of vinyl siding, soffit and accessories.

Siding Training

​We have been trained and stay up to date with best practice installation methods by specific representatives from Hardie, Smartside, and Celect. ​

Common Siding/Cladding

  • Vinyl (polymeric siding, including insulated foam back vinyl)

  • Smartside (manufactured wood product)

  • Fiber cement (most commonly known as Hardie, is cement-based)

  • Celect (cellular composite siding)

  • Wood (can be a variety of tree species, most common is cedar and pine)

  • Brick (brick and mortar, does require additional construction elements)

  • Boral (bio-based polymer and fly-ash), and steel (pre-finished rolled steel)

Siding Finishes

Depending on the type of siding, it can be ordered pre-finished or primed and almost all siding can be painted with a few restrictions.

Siding Profiles

All profiles have different reveals and texture options. Some of the most popular are:


Good Garages installs all siding and cladding material, common manufacturers we install are PlyGemPolarisLP SmartSideHiggins steel siding, and James Hardie.