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Shed Foundation Cost​

Shed Foundation Cost​

Cost of a Shed Foundation Pad

A popular size shed is 10×16′. So, for example, a 13×19′ gravel pad on level ground and
unobstructed access will start at​:

There are a lot of factors that determine a price of a shed pad. Here is a list of the biggest ones:

Size – Scope of project determines amount of materials needed.

Grade change – The more grade change, the more expensive. If the change is enough, then special bracing is required. With more change it can require more excavation and additional material is need for foundation walls. Amount of gravel fill can increase, too.

Onsite dumping – The more that stays on site, the cheaper. Being able to dump the grass and topsoil prevents us from hauling it offsite and paying to dump it.

Type of foundation – Material of walls. 4×6″ pressure treated lumber is the most economical.

Site access – How far is the pad from the driveway? Do we have to cross existing landscaping or concrete? Is there a fence that needs to be temporarily replaced?

Site conditions – Are there large trees where we have to remove roots? Is there a steep incline, busy or small streets, or shared driveways? 

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