Good Garages and Exteriors

Good Garages is Your Trusted Garage Builder

Industry's highest warranty of a 15-year transferable limited warranty on materials and labor for water damage from weather on all new garage and pole barn construction.

  • Sloped window sills to prevent damage from potential window failure

  • Synthetic felt on the roof for a longer lasting secondary water barrier

  • 3ft row of ice and water and flashing from roof deck to gutter board to prevent damage from possible ice damming and gutter failures

  • Vinyl Single Hung Windows with integrated j channel for a better water tight seal (vinyl siding only)

  • Installed head flashings/drip edge on all horizontal trim

  • Proper vented ridge of roof for temperature and moisture regulation

  • Vapor barrier under slab and sill seal gasket to prevent ground moisture from wicking up through concrete and damaging sill plate or personal belongings left on slab

  • 12” soffits to help keep weather off the structure

  • 6” gutters to prevent water overflow and larger outlet for less gutter cleanings

  • H Clips with the O.S.B roof decking to help prevent roof finish failures