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Trusted Local Garage Door Installer

Trusted Local Garage Door Installer

Garage Door Styles

Garage doors can have multiple different styles and be made from all kinds of building material such as steel, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and wood. Depending on how you will use your garage you will need to think about insulation values of the garage door since a large portion of your wall can be contained by a garage door.

Garage Door Sizes

There is no standard size for a garage door. Most commonly installed for residential use on a suggested 24×24 garage is either one door at 16ft or18ft wide and 7ft or 8ft tall or two doors at 9ft wide and 7ft or 8ft tall. Height varies depending on use and the owner’s cars that will occupy the space. The garage door size can determine the wall height of the garage which will effect the cost of your garage project.

Garage Door Options

Doors can vary from uninsulated doors compared to insulated valves of R-20 (Common 2×4 wall has insulation in it that is valued at R-13). Depending on construction chosen it will determine dent resistance, warranty, security, and noise control for your garage door. Garage door motor sizes are most commonly determined by the size and weight. They can vary from ⅓ horsepower to 1 ½ horsepower. Another option to consider is the improvement of smart home technology has created the ability to have garage door openers access the Wi-Fi. There are models that allow you to control your door through your smartphone. This means you can check to see if it is opened or closed even when you are not at home. Accessories consist of window and hardware options.
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