Entry doors can be the focal point of the front of a house or garage and determine the curb appeal.


Three different types of entry doors are single slab entry, french patio, and sliding patio.

Entry Door Types

Common Entry Door Materials

Most common materials for construction of a door are steel, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Steel is the most common and is known to be the best for protection and can even come in woodgrain for some manufactures. Unfortunately, a steel door is prone to dent. Fiberglass usually has the most options in regards to different styles and can be both stained or painted. They are often the most energy efficient. Vinyl and aluminum are most associated with patio sliders and provide the most glass option. Wood is a beautiful choice, and is most often put in where there is an overhang to protect the door from the elements and to cut down on possible maintenance. 


Good Garages can answer any questions you might still have to determine what entry doors are best for your project.

Door Swing and Handing 

When thinking about entry doors an important part of the process is determining the swing and handing of the door. This can make for a better functioning, energy efficient, weather resistant, and even a code approved door that works with the space the best. 

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Door Accessories 

Accessories such as side lights, transom, decorative glass, hardware styles and finishes (hinges, door handle, and lockset), and storm door all need to explored before ordering. Like windows jam depth is important in determining interior/exterior trim options.

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Common Door Hardware Options 

Finishes: Bronze, silver, gold, chrome, and black

Styles: Knobs, levers, deadbolts, keyed handle-set, and smart locks (electronic keypad)

Good Garages installs all entry doors, common manufacturers we install are ThermaTru, Polaris, and ProVia